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The Search for Significance

Dr. Andrew Corbett is in the book of Ecclesiastes following Solomon on his Search For Significance.

Dr. Corbett shows in this 4 CD set that success without significance only leaves a person empty and frustrated.

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I Doubt

Andrew Corbett looks at why people doubt God and His Word in this 4 part series.

Dr. Corbett shows that doubt can be helpful if it helps us search for the truth and in these CDs we hear good reasons to Believe in God and His Word.

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I Have A Friend Who Struggles With...

Do you know someone who is struggling with depression, loneliness, disappointment or motivation?


This CD set can help you help others who are struggling with some of life's most common setbacks.

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Life's Toolkit

Dr Andrew Corbett takes 4 important aspects of life head on in these CDs looking at Life's Toolkit. How To Pray, How To Be Happy How To Make Decisions and How To Live Life.


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The Book of Revelation Explained
Understanding The Book of Revelation

The book of Revelation has been interpreted in many different ways over the years, in this 4 CD set Dr Andrew Corbett examines some of these interpretations and suggests a method which has helped thousands of people come to a clearer understanding of the book of Revelation and the Bible itself

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Jesus Series

The Jesus Series

Anchored in the gospel of Luke, Dr Andrew Corbett looks at the life of Jesus

Jesus The Messiah, The Lord, The Man, The Son Of God, The Savour and The King

A 5 Disc Set

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CLOSE - Finding Lasting Love

The art of getting closer requires knowing how. In these 4 CDs Dr Andrew Corbett discusses how to develop closer friendships, families, marriages and a closer relationship with God.


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