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2019 Speakers:  

Rev. Dr. Stuart Robinson   After returning from the Mission field in 1983, Stuart accepted a call to pastor a suburban Melbourne church where he was the Senior Leader for 25 years. That church, “Crossway”, became one of the largest churches in Australia. He now travels the world where he is in demand as a Conference speaker and is often asked to teach on the topics raised in his best-selling books. These include: church growth, cultural-interaction (especially with Muslims) and leadership. He has also been appointed to the Melbourne School of Theology as a Research Fellow. 


Rev. Samuel Green  Samuel Green is a Christian Apologist specialising in responding to Muslims and the claims of Islam. He has debated some of the world’s leading Islamic apologists and scholars including –

  • Shabir Ally
  • Keysar Trad
  • Imam Abdul Jalil Ahmad
  • Abdullah Kunde
  • Mustafa Arja
  • Adnan Rashid

Since 1999 he has worked with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) as a campus evangelist and Islamic Engagement Director. The Australian Government selected him to represent Australia at the 6th Asean Interfaith Dialogue in Indonesia. He now travels the world befriending Muslims and debating their leaders. He is married with 5 children and holds degrees in chemical engineering and theology.

2019 Easter Refresh Convention speaker, Rev. Samuel Green, Christian Apologist

Event Details & Venue

Date & Time



Thursday April 18th – 7AM – 8:45AM

Community Leaders’ Business Breakfast, Speaker: Dr. Stuart Robinson, Tailrace Centre

Early bird price-


Thursday April 18th – 6:30PM Maundy Thursday Dinner, Speaker: Dr. Stuart Robinson, Legana C.C. $15
(Contributors exempt)
Friday April 19th 10:00AM

Good Friday Morning Church Service, Speaker: Rev. Samuel Green, Legana C.C.


Friday April 19th 7:00PM Good Friday Evening, Rev. Samuel Green, Legana C.C. Free*
Sunday April 21st, 10:00AM

Resurrection Sunday Morning Church Service, Speaker: Dr. Stuart Robinson, Legana C.C.


Sunday April 21st, 6:00PM

Resurrection Sunday Evening Church Service, Speaker: Dr. Stuart Robinson, Legana C.C. 



 * an offering will be taken up

Pictures from the 2018 Refresh Easter Breakfast at the Tailrace Centre…

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