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Your consistent giving helps us to continue to edify and equip our church and reach out with the love of Christ to our lost and dying world. Without your generous financial assistance we simply could not do this. We remember Christ’s promise in Luke 6:38 that says that He will multiply back to the giver that which is given to the Lord. Electronic giving can be done by Direct Deposits made electronically into our Bank of Queensland account. The BSB number is 127850.   2049 9154  Donations, General Gifts, Tithes, Offerings   2049 9191  Missions, Chaplains, Finding Truth Matters   2049 9205  Building Fund* (*Main Building)   2049 9287  Mops Tax Deductible Gifts for our Children’s Education Building Gift Fund can be made electronically into our Bank of Queensland account-   Account  20436509   Name  Leg Child Edu Cen Build Gift Fund   BSB  124001