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“It’s like a Care Conference – only better!”

Each Sunday throughout the month of May we will having an emphasis on how we, the Christian Community, can care – for each other, for our families, for our friends, for our neighbourhoods, and our city – for those we know, and those we don’t. Each Sunday we will invite you to respond with an act of care which will culminate when the C.E.O. of the Launceston City Mission will present his heart for how we can care for those in our Valley who are less fortunate than us.


Week 1, Sunday May 6th

Month of Care, Sunday May 6th, Lynne Parry sharing
Sunday May 6th, 10:30AM – Tony Boyle sharing. Tony and his wife Janette became parents of very unwell daughter who needed a life-saving organ transplant. Countless days and nights in and out of hospital even after the transplant have led to Tony having a compassion for others especially those who are different and those acquainted with hospitals stays. Tony is the Executive Pastor at Legana Christian Church. Sunday May 6th, 5:30PM – Lynne Parry presenting.
Lynne was born with an Adrenal deficiency requiring lifetime medication which caused diverse medical conditions including juvenile arthritis, obesity, stunted growth and multiple joint replacements. Through her life’s experience she has developed empathy for people with adversity, illness and disability.  She has served as an Assistant Pastor in several interstate churches and now serves as a small group leader at Legana Christian Church.

Week 2, Sunday May 13th

Month-of-Care-004 Stories Of Care Times Two, Sunday May 13th 5:30PM
Sunday May 13th 10AM – Donna Hill presenting. Shortly after giving birth to her second child, Donna was diagnosed with an incurable and terminal illness. Donna had every reason to think that no-one cared, especially considering her other circumstances, but this is not what happened. Donna is a Pastor at Legana Christian Church and heads the church’s Care Team. Sunday May 13th, 5:30PMTwo stories of care as told by: Janette Boyle, whose daughter endured long stays in hospitals in her early years as she endured organ failure – until finally receiving an organ donor’s transplant which saved her life. During this time Janette was the beneficiary of very practical care from her church family. Gina Gheller has endured a debilitating condition which was treated by high doses of steroids which have had dramatic and negative side-effects upon her body. Throughout this very trying time she has received life-sustaining care.

Week 3, Sunday May 20th

Sunday May 20th 10AM, Dr Ali Kidmas presenting on Improving Mental Health Care Sunday May 20th, 5:30PM, Improving Care in Grief and Loss 
Sunday May 20th 10AM, Dr Ali Kidmas presenting on Improving Mental Health Care. Dr. Kidmas is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons (Glasgow), Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, and has practiced medicine in four countries. He has practiced as a surgeon and is now a General Practitioner. He is now a Partner in Private General Practice in Launceston. Sunday May 20th, 5:30PM, Improving Care in Grief and Loss, presented by Dr. Julie Sladden who was working as a doctor in the emergency department when diagnosed with breast cancer. She is well acquainted with loss and grief! 

Week 4, Sunday May 27th