The Most Embarrassing Book In The Bible


Dr Andrew Corbett’s highly acclaimed explanation of the Book of Revelation has helped thousands to understand what this book is all about. Written largely in non-technical language, the reader will learn how to best interpret this Biblical book.

This book is also available on Kindle and as a downloadable eBook.


The Most Embarrassing Book In The BibleThe Book of Revelation is arguably the most controversial book in the Bible. It has led to some quite embarrassing interpretations of it. In the book, Dr. Corbett takes the reader the Book of Revelation paragraph by paragraph and explains what it would have meant to its original audience of 65AD, and how it applies today.

Here’s what people are saying about this book-

“One of the best commentaries, if not ‘the’ best commentary, on the Book of Revelation I’ve ever read!”

Trevor Chandler, Chairman of Christian Life Churches International, Brisbane, Australia


“I especially like your conclusion: that the eschatology of much of the last century has left us bankrupt in terms of pre-evangelism in our western cultures. This is what I don’t like about pre-millennialism. I really would like you to teach this at the college in Nigeria, at least to stir the minds and hearts of the people and get them thinking. “Left-Behind” should be left behind! – a good phrase.”

Dr. Kent Hodge, Former Principle of Christ For The Nations Bible College, Nigeria (The largest Bible College in the world), and Adjunct Lecturer in Theology, Oral Roberts University, London, U.K.


“I found this singularly helpful- in fact inspiring and excitingly stimulating to my faith…I’ve devoured this thing this afternoon! Thanks for the privilege of reading this.”

Rev. Steve Nicholson, Gateway Baptist Church, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia


The way some Christians treat the Book of Revelation is, well, embarrassing! How could a book called “The Revelation” be thought of as being impossible to understand? If Revelation doesn’t reveal anything, then it’s hardly a ‘revelation’! By understanding how the original readers most likely understood the Book of Revelation the modern reader can gain insights into this majestic book of the Bible. 

“Yesterday after downloading, I read “The Most Embarrassing Book In The Bible” and my spirit has not stopped leaping for Joy inside of me!!

I’ve had these questions since I’ve been able to read Revelation, about 8 yrs old…but I kept getting the same answers from everyone…that it was over my head and that someday God would reveal the truth to me…well I am now 46 and I believe that He gave me the answer for all of my doubts.

Thank you for going against the tide and writing, what I believe with all of my being, is the truth!

Victoria Eden, Douglasville, Georgia, USA


“I have found your books “Most Embarrassing Book In The Bible!” and “Most Embarrassing Verse In The Bible!” extremely helpful – Thanks. I have been looking for similar reference material for some time but only found reformed material that is mostly anti-Pentecostal.”

Rev. Paul S Fermor, U.K. Regional A.O.G Superintendent, London, U.K.


“Thank you for the quick response. I look forward to reading your commentary on Revelation. My quick scan of the material on the website indicated to me that you have written a very readable and Biblically sound document.”

Dr. Norman R. Hunter, FCIC Professor and Head Department of Chemistry, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada


“I have just now come to realize that what I’ve been taught is probably wrong and I’m seeking the truth. I been having problems trying to figure out where we stand as for as scripture is concern and I’m hoping with the help of your research and the leading of the Holy Spirit my eyes might be opened to understanding. I haven’t done much research on your ministry but from what I read and heard so far it is fair to say I enjoyed hearing your teaching on Matthew 24 and reading the first part of Revelation. I live in Tampa. Thanks for your hard work in the Lord and may God bless you and your family.”

Wally Carroll, Tampa, Florida


“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. Your book has been a great aid in my preparation for teaching Revelation in my Sunday School class.”

C. Mark Murrah, Houston, Texas


“I would like to tell you that the messages on the book of Revalation are very informative and right on the mark. Very sound in the way you explain the text in it’s context. Thanks for your labor in the word of God. May God bless you in your ministry and in all that you do. In Christ service -” 

Jeff Tofilau Sr., La Verne, California


Yes I now believe the preterist viewpoint. I come from a Pre-trib Pre-mill Dispensationalist background and I am SOOOOOOOOOO happy to have discovered this theory of eschatology. I don’t know how anyone could EVER believe Dispensationalism ! It is what I now call, TRAIN-WRECK theology. 
I appreciate your work. At least someone is out there fighting the good fight of biblical truths.

K.H. (Atlanta, Georgia)/span>

Dr Andrew Corbett’s highly acclaimed explanation of the Book of Revelation has helped thousands to understand what this book is all about. Written largely in non-technical language, the reader will learn how to best interpret this Biblical book.

This book is also available on Kindle and as a downloadable eBook.

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1 review for The Most Embarrassing Book In The Bible

  1. Andrew Corbett

    “Dr. Andrew Corbett’s new book, “Understanding the Book of Revelation”, will not suit those Christians who simply want to have a “pop” version of end times teaching to reinforce existing beliefs about a 7-year tribulation on earth while the people of God rest in heaven, or about an earthly reign of Christ for a thousand years following his return. Neither will this book suit those who recoil in dismay and disapproval when challenged about their contention that the nation of Israel plays, and will play, a major role in the fulfilment of Bible prophecy.

    Every fair-minded reader will perceive that Andrew Corbett has set out to honour the Christ who is so evidently at the centre of the Book of Revelation and many will agree that he produces heavy-weight argument in support of his approach. I think that more than a few will conclude that he establishes an interpretation of the Book that is a viable, worthy and sustainable alternative to the views generally held in evangelical and Pentecostal church circles.

    At the very least, this book will be an instrument to challenge the brash high-mindedness of those who categorically assert that the Dispensationalist/Futurist view is unassailable and that any who construe the Book of Revelation in any other way are either in error or lesser lights in the world of Biblical scholarship.”

    Rev. Charles Schwab, Apostolic Church, Victoria, Australia


    “Got the Revelation material today, half way through and you continue to bless me, I have plenty more copies of those futurist books from the 70’s if your running low…Have you got a different God in Tassie or does the cold keep Him awake down there. I suppose I’m trying to say I’m blessed by your common sense approach and I love not having the mental and spiritual challenge of ‘where or how did he come up with that?’”

    Paul Halliday, Wagga Wagga, NSW

    “This has really opened my eyes! I’m convinced that you’re right. I always found teaching about end-times so confusing. But this is so understandable and really makes sense. Thank you for making it so freely available.”

    Bronwyn E., Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

    “I had decided that I was going to try and figure the Book of Revelation out along with our Bible study group. I went to a major Christian bookstore looking for a study series our Home Group could use together, but there was nothing. I then came across this video and study guide, and have been convinced! This series will be watched by many, many people, I’ll make sure of it!”

    John, King Island, Australia

    “I so appreciate your intellectual and spiritual approach to the scriptures. I would like to know if there is anyone in the USA who handles your materials. I downloaded the first few chapters of The Most Embarrassing Book in the Bible, and completely agreed with what was being said…a great example of rightly dividing the word of truth. I have known about The Kingdom of God since a child, but not many people really teach the truth…Again, thank you for the wonderful insight.”

    J. A. Webster, Nashville, Tennessee, USA


    “This book is what I have been needing to help me to understand Scriptures that the secular world apparently are distorting to mean a whole different thing. The world needs this book – do your best to get it more easily available on a grander scale. Bless you in your endeavors and pleasehelp me if you can and will.”

    Glenda Lenington (your sister in Christ), Illinois, USA

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