making a difference here and beyond

Our Impact

At Legana we recognize that mothers are not only valuable but vulnerable. Mothers have distinct needs, and they themselves need to be nurtured. Mops is a group of mums who understand exactly what these days are like and we offer a chance for mothers of pre-schoolers to catch their breath, recharge their batteries and celebrate this stage of life.

At Legana our Children's ministry is one of the most important things we do, our children are not only the future leaders the Church but the nation too. On Sundays our children are cared for in our Children's Education Center. Here they do fun biblical activities where the foundations of good beliefs are laid. We strive in giving our kids a head-start by providing a positive learning environment. 

LeganaYOUTH provides a great place for the youth of our church to catch up over fun activities and time spent learning about God, we believe that it's important to provide a safe place where our teens can openly share their faith and ask questions about the Bible.

We Support

Paul & Deborah co-ordinate AOG World Relief Vietnam. They help in many areas such as health and safety, disaster relief, child education and training and life skills.

Craig & Bec Henninger help provide fresh drinking water to the people of Laos, they also teach personal hygiene and life skills.

Bruce is committed to the training, equipping and mobilization of pastors and leaders across the developing world for ministry and mission.

Jos is a very hostile part of the world and is a dangerous part of the world for Christians. Kent Hodge puts his life on the line daily for Christ.

Empart brings the message of Christ to entire villages, they care for children, give hope to women and empower the needy.

Wycliffe is currently overseeing over 2000 Bible translation projects around the world. Wycliffe send missionaries out into remote areas to learn their languages and translate the Bible into written form for them.